VNM Diamond
Knowledge Initiatives
VNM has constantly endeavored to support and sustain local craftsmen by constantly innovating tradition to contemporarise and give impetus to local skills.

Design internship for students from various Design Institutes in India .
  • The student gets an opportunity to work with the karigars of Kerala.
  • Understanding of Kerala's jewelry aesthetics and intricacies.
  • Design, development and marketing experience
  • Talented student gets to launch his or her best designs at the end of the term.
  • An opportunity to continue his or her career with the company on the completion of studies.
Art and Culture Initiatives
VNM has strived to promote art and culture in the city. VNM Gallery has played host to art shows promoting known as well as up-coming artists. Likewise, has shown keen interest and zeal in supporting and sustaining traditional art forms, local culture and heritage.

Social Initiatives
The VNM family has always stoically taken up various community and social causes.