VNM Diamond
Design & Development
Passionate dedication to design , craftsmanship and quality is what sets VNM apart and makes it conform to high standards.

Vnm Daimond
The design studio at VNM Diamond employs designers from design institutions in India. The designers work on an array of designs, which are then handpicked by the creative director.
The careful choice of precious material, the design and impeccable workmanship allows VNM sustain the highest level of product integrity.
In the workshop, professional karigars work on diamond, gold and other precious stones. The family personally follows the process of realization , from the idea to the finish, interacting with the karigars to give them the right inputs.
This “personalization “ of production, entrusted to karigars manual skills, makes the jewelry unique as well as incomparable.
Every single step in the making process is closely monitored. At every phase the jewel is inspected so that there is beauty , symmetry and harmony.

The in- house craftsmanship, knowledge of diamonds, precious gems and stones; is itself an unique advantage as the knowledge has been handed down through generations.