VNM Diamond
Venkatesh Naik Mohandas
A Glorious History - Since 1890

In the year 1890, a young entrepreneur, Hari Naik, laid the foundation for a gold enterprise that would become a house hold name in Malabar region. His son, Venkatesh Naik, transformed that business from a small enterprise to a well known bullion business entering markets that spread over South India. Mohandas Naik, son of Venkatesh Naik, consolidated the business as Venkatesh Naik Mohandas. He carried forward his enterprise and his personal life without ever compromising his core values and faith. At a time when retail jewelry was evolving, he set a benchmark for quality and reliability. In the course of over a century of history, Venkatesh Naik Mohandas has provided clients with jewelry, pure and precious, resulting in unshakable trust.
VNM DIAMOND, has evolved from this tradition of fine jewelry makers. The jewelry from VNM Diamond is a celebration of the unique legacy of Venkatesh Naik Mohandas. From royal clientele to discerning families that put their faith in Venkatesh Naik Mohandas, generations continue to do so even today. Trust is the single factor that has made the business a household name today.
A culture of simplicity and humility… passion for creativity