VNM Diamond
Company & City
The flagship store in Kozhikode is known as
Venkatesh Naik Mohandas and is housed in a three storied building on Palayam road in the Kozhikode Angadi Quarter. It has wide array of handcrafted Chains, Bangles/Bracelets, Ear Studs , Rings, Necklace sets; unparalleled for its quality and workmanship as well as exclusive jewelry.

The VNM Diamond , housed in an unique courtyard complex, is one – of –its kind boutique. It showcases distinct jewelry incomparable for their design, quality, and workmanship. The complex also houses the Navratna store, Art Gallery, Workshops, Design Studio, Gemological lab and a Café to cater to the discerning clientele and the art aficionado. 

During the turbulent times in Goa more than 500 years ago, thousands of families left Goa towards coastal areas of Karnataka and Kerala. The Naik family settled down in Kozhikode.

From the Middle ages Kozhikode was the capital of independent kingdom ruled by the Zamorins. The port city , also known as the city of truth, has always beckoned sea faring nations, truth seeking travelers, mercantile explorers, since the twelfth century. It was a city where the Arabs, Chinese, the Abyssinians and the Europeans walked freely, a time honoured model for peaceful co-existence of diverse beliefs, traditions and customs. The Naik family established themselves as the earliest Bullion traders in the historic Palayam area in Kozhikode.

Kozhikode is known internationally as the city where Vasco Da gama landed in the year 1498.

Ancient Myths on Kozhikode
Kozhikode – City of Truth
“It is believed that a Captain of the sea tested the honesty of local kings and only the Zamorin displayed great honesty”

Myth of Skanda Purana
“The local people believed that the maiden daughter of the sea resided in the city of Kozhikode and that is why the sea goddess brought ships carrying precious stones from different islands to Kozhikode, pushing them with her waves” – according to Skandapurana

The Goddess in Kozhikode Angadi
The legend has it, “Once when the Zamorin was seriously ill ,an evil wizard in the guise of a travelling doctor, plotted a devious plan of robbing the zamorin and the city of all its wealth . He figured out, the only way he could do was, by placing a wet towel on the zamorin's shoulders; an act which drives wealth away . The Zamorin, in his eagerness to get cured, readily agreed; but his wise Diwan realized the King’s folly. The Diwan rushed to the market place to see Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, in all her finery ready to leave the city. He stopped her and requesting her to wait for him while he conducted some urgent business at the palace. It became obligatory for the Goddess to wait. The Diwan, thereafter went straight to the sea and drowned himself. Never returning, the Goddess of wealth continues to wait at Kozhikode Angadi even today.”
Our Stores are located in the bustling Kozhikode Angadi.