VNM Diamond

The entire range of VNM Diamond Collection is available in two ranges- Classic & Elegance.

The Classic Range
Fine diamonds handpicked by in house Gemologists conforming to the highest standards of cut, clarity, and color. The diamonds in the classic range are colorless with clarity grades IF to VVS1. The diamonds have excellent cut to ensure brightness, fire and scintillation. The classic range is designed, developed and crafted at our own studios.

The Elegance Range
Elegance is the accessible range by VNM Diamond. The Diamonds in the elegance range have very good value in terms of cut, color and clarity. The elegance range is crafted by independent workshops associated with us since generations from father to son in creating jewelry.
Each piece of jewelry from VNM Diamond is laser marked with unique ID and is accompanied by an authenticity card.

VNM Diamond Solitaires, for 30 pointers and above, Certificate of gemological laboratories is given along with VNM Diamond Authentication Certificate.